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Professional Speaker Matt Paradise

Creating Financially Inclusive Teams
and Guiding People Towards
Whole-Health Wealth



Trusted Contributor on:

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When your EMPLOYEES prioritize wealth and wellbeing, teams engage at a deeper level.

                     When your SALES TEAM prioritizes wealth and wellbeing, customers invest more.

                                          When LEADERS prioritize wealth and wellbeing, their teams achieve extraordinary results.
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"Matt really can tailor his knowledge to any skill level. He is an absolute professional."

Alyson W. COO, Justice Outside

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"Matt is an excellent communicator with a gift for connecting with others."

Paul H. FDIC

Inspire Your team: Engage with an Experienced Financial Speaker with a Life-Changing Story

Matt Paradise has been inspiring audiences for over 20 years with a unique blend of financial education and life-changing stories. He went from homeless teen--to home-owning millionaire. Having worked with some of the world's most respected companies and featured in numerous media outlets, Matt can help you engage and inspire your audience.

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"The training went really well! I heard a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues." 

Katie C. Massachusetts General Hospital

Center for Community Health Improvement

Matt Paradise at Professionals Corporate financial education summit

Transform Your Audience's Financial Future

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Unlock the Power of Financial Education: Book Matt Paradise to Empower Your Audience Towards Whole Health Wealth

Meet the Guide

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Matt Paradise is a sought-after speaker and award-winning author, with a mission to help organizations achieve extraordinary results by prioritizing financial inclusion and whole-health wealth.

Early in his career, Matt’s success as an Accredited Credit Counselor and Certified Educator In Personal Finance (CEPF®) came when he shifted his focus from the technical side of personal finance and focused more on the connection he made with his audiences.

Today, after guiding over 100,000 people towards financial wellbeing and being featured in MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Fox, New England Cable News, Morningstar, and media outlets around the world, Matt continues to help leaders build teams with healthy, wealthy, and invested work cultures.

With decades of stage time, what Matt is best known for is the interactive way he presents memorable programs. Instead of reciting "just another speech" or selling biased financial products and services, Matt presents unique programs that excite participants to apply practical strategies for a healthier, wealthier future.

 73% of Americans rank their finances as the most significant source of stress.

In this easy-to-understand guide, Matt Paradise offers new research, valuable resources, and tools and tips to help you manage your money and build a strong foundation for a secure future--with LESS STRESS.

Financially Capable teaches you:

  • How your values, mindset, and behaviors affect your finances

  • How to develop a budget you can actually live with

  • Which financial products and services will help you grow your savings

  • How to avoid predatory loans, scams, fraud, and identity theft

  • Practical tips to help you manage debt and improve your credit score

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5 Reasons to Book Matt, Financial Inclusion Speaker,
for Your Next Event

Inspirational & Motivational
Matt's journey of overcoming addiction, homelessness, and illness is a powerful testament to human resilience. He inspires audiences to find their own purpose and drive, fostering positive and motivated cultures that achieve remarkable results.

Relevant & Relatable
Attendees want speakers who have real-world experience. Matt has helped over 100,000 people build wealth during his 20 year career.

Professional Speaker

Experienced & Insightful
Decades of professional experience. Proven results. Matt empowers employees to achieve financial wellness, a key driver of productivity and engagement. He also serves on the board of directors for multi-million-dollar economic mobility organizations. 

A Joy to Work With
Matt is a consummate professional and makes the event planner's job easy and stress free. His ability to communicate well and take initiative enhances the overall experience - from from inquiry to post event follow-up. 

Matt can help with
Employee Performance, Engagement, & Retention
Invest in your greatest asset: your people. Top speakers like Matt Paradise educate and inspire, equipping your team with fresh perspectives and actionable strategies to excel, both personally and professionally.

Credit Union board members professional speaker

What results can you expect when working with Matt?

Increased Productivity

Your team will learn strategies for a healthier, wealthier future. When your people feel valued and invested in, they contribute at a far deeper level.  

Cost Savings

FINANCIAL STRESS is the #1 reason U.S. companies spend $300 billion per year on preventable health costs, absenteeism and poor performance.

Less Turnover

People love working with leaders who care. Matt's strategies reduce stress, boost productivity, and ignite passion within your workforce. 

Unique Experience

Matt combines deep expertise and a proven track record with charisma and adaptability, to deliver you a one of a kind interactive experience. 

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