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I've worked with hundreds of groups from every socioeconomic background.  I have a passion to help people from all ages and stages- from birth to grey.  On this page you can read read testamonials and see pictures of me in action.  Some groups I've worked with:

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to discuss how we can work together.

Here's what people are saying:


I have known and collaborated with Matt for many years. His commitment to providing broad access to financial education and opportunities to build assets and credit has few equals. His dedication to helping young people build crucial life skills is especially noteworthy. He is an excellent communicator with a gift for connecting with others.

Paul H., Community Affairs Specialist, FDIC

Matt has such a passion for financial literacy. He has such an ability to teach to diverse populations and really can tailor his lessons and knowledge to any skill level. He is an absolute professional, has impeccable work ethic, and builds rapport fast. It was a pleasure having him teach our young adults.

Alyson W., Program Director, YWCA

I was fortunate to work with Matt for over two years in the MassSaves Coalition, that he chaired. His commitment, leadership and knowledge helped expand the impact of the work we did as a coalition in enhancing financial education. I could always count on him to look at issues with a different lens, offering solutions to complex issues. I’m fortunate to be a part of his network as he is able to make connections across sectors and build relationships that elevate the lives of those we serve.

Marlishia A., Communicator for Social Justice

Matt is an incredible partner and team builder. He's masterful at bringing together diverse people to accomplish a shared vision. Matt navigates complexity with ease, intellectual and social complexity alike. This makes him not only easy to work with but also effective. It's rare to find a colleague who is both an incredible joy to be around and a shark on execution. A quick study at all levels of leadership from management to peer leadership, he makes everything look easy, including working with difficult people. Matt makes things better than they should be, breathing life into vision, injecting innovation into project ideas, and adding special touches on implementation that take the outcomes a mile farther than anyone thought they could go. He gives meaning to the oft said, "an asset to any team." Rarely is it true, but in Matt's case I use this phrase without hesitation. He is a truly special partner and leader.

Nika E., Massachusetts State Representative

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