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Building Wealth: Build a Budget, Manage Your Money, and Master Your Mindset



Ideal Audience: General Business


Available Formats: Keynote, Breakout/Workshop, Virtual Presentation, Half-Day or Full-Day Training, Experiential Video Training Series


Program Description: Are you tired of feeling stressed about money?

Struggling with budgeting, saving, or investing?


You're not alone...Over 70% of all adults admit to feeling stressed about their finances.

The problem is, many people aren't sure what steps to take to get out of the financial rut and build financial wellbeing.

Building Wealth: Build a Budget, Manage Your Money, and Master Your Mindset with award-winning author and financial educator Matt Paradise can guide your team with practical concrete steps. Matt's proven strategies have helped hundreds of organizations build an inclusive financial culture, empowered tens of thousands of people to reach their financial goals, and enabled him to go from homeless teen to millionaire.This interactive discussion will equip you with practical tools, knowledge, and inspiration to take control of your finances and build financial well-being.


We'll explore three key pillars:


1. Building a Budget that Works: Learn practical budgeting strategies for immediate use. We'll discover user-friendly methods for income and expense tracking.


2. Smart Money Management: Gain actionable tips for managing your debt, saving for your goals, and making wise investment decisions.


3. Financial Psychology: Uncover the psychology of money and how your mindset affects your financial behavior. We'll explore strategies to overcome limiting beliefs and develop a healthy relationship with money.


Here's what participants walk away with:

•Actionable steps: You'll leave with a clear roadmap to take control of your finances, no matter your current situation.

•Practical tools: Discover budgeting templates, debt repayment strategies, and resources to help you manage your money.

•Shifting your mindset: Understand how financial well-being affects overall health for a wealthier future.


Book Matt and unlock the path to financial well-being!

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