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See why over 200 organizations trust Matt to speak!

"I have known and collaborated with Matt for many years. His commitment to providing broad access to financial education and opportunities to build assets and credit has few equals. His dedication to helping young people build crucial life skills is especially noteworthy. He is an excellent communicator with a gift for connecting with others." Paul H. FDIC

“Our employee evaluations were very positive. Participants thought you were very knowledgeable, encourage[d] class participation, respected their ideas, and found the presentation easy to follow..” 
Jennifer R., Commonwealth Financial Network

“Matt has such a passion for financial literacy. He has an ability to teach to diverse populations and really can tailor his knowledge to any skill level. He is an absolute professional, has impeccable work ethic, and builds rapport fast.” 
Alyson W, Chief Operating Officer, Justice Outside

"I like how Matt spoke about how we all view wealth  differently and using our money to support our values and living life to the fullest will look different for different people.
I was very interested in how Matt talked about how our financial system wasn’t created equally for everyone, especially across race. I also liked how Matt acknowledged the emotional side of money. I know that there are many people (myself included) who try to look at money logically, while ignoring the fact that we sometimes make emotional decisions."

Ben B Staff Accountant, Los Angeles Dodgers

"I thought the training went really well! I heard a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues afterward –The training was a nice balance of discussing larger ideas on this topic of financial education (my manager especially enjoyed hearing you address her question about disparities in communities of color and predatory practices targeted toward those communities – which affect our students) and hands-on preparation"
Katie C., LICSW, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Thank you so much for your presentation on credit, interest, and credit scores. Your clear and enthusiastic delivery provides information which is extremely valuable for our students, who need to make the most of their money to survive... It is likewise proving very useful for staff."

Helen R., Director Career Assistance Center

"Thank you again for your presentation on budgeting issues for college students. This really captured the essence of how important it is to save money, plan ahead, and avoid debt--materials students need now more than ever."

Susan M. Professor Framingham State University

"Thanks so much for your continued partnership with WPI & our Financial Literacy Program! Your expertise is invaluable for our students' success."

Rosie A. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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