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"Entertaining, relevant, informative.  

Encouraging and transparent."

Millie L.

"Our employee evaluations were very positive. Participants thought you were very knowledgeable, encourage[d] class participation, respected their ideas, and found the presentation easy to follow. "



Jennifer R.

"Matt has such a passion for financial literacy. He has an ability to teach to diverse populations and really can tailor his knowledge to any skill level. He is an absolute professional, has impeccable work ethic, and builds rapport fast."


Alyson W.

"Matt's Interactive approach worked well--guiding participants toward conclusions about thier approach to spending and saving--opening the doors for a fundamental paradigm shift."

Lila T.

Lila T.jpg

"I thought the training went really well! I heard a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues – my manager especially enjoyed hearing you address her question about disparities in communities of color and predatory practices."

Katie C.

"Excellent presentation!

Keep doing it this way!"

Patricia T.

P Thomas.jpg

I"nformative with great examples of how to approach money and saving for the future."

Bill F.


"Very Informative sessions about saving and retiring"

Sneha G.


"Motivational and inspirational made me think about the wealth gap."

Patricia M.

patti M.jpg

"Matt is very easy to listen to and knowledgeable. He answered all the questions he could with the time he had. He seemed to really care about the finances of the people he was talking to."

Stephanie R.

Steph Westwood_edited.jpg

"Fantastic message by an incredible man."

Devante D.

hs_devante_dixon_FSU testamonial_edited_

"Matt is relatable in his presentation. He understands that people might have struggles with money and he doesn't behave as though they can't recover from the struggles. He is a realist but has solutions. He seems compassionate as well."

Ramona F.

RF Westwood.jpg

"Great talk Matt, I really enjoyed hearing your story most."

Chris F.



Patricia T.

Anna S.jpg

"Learned a lot and will focus on ONE THING. then advance to the next"

Nate C.

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