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What’s stopping you

from achieving your financial goals?

In this easy-to-understand guide, Matt Paradise offers new research, valuable resources, and tools and tips to help you manage your money and build a strong foundation for a secure future.


Financially Capable teaches you:

  • How your values, mindset, and behaviors affect your finances

  • How to develop a budget you can actually live with

  • Which financial products and services will help you grow your savings

  • How to avoid predatory loans, scams, fraud, and identity theft

  • Practical tips to help you manage debt and improve your credit score


Supported Formats: Physical, Kindle Store

"Financially Capable offers a key to understanding financial access and attitudes that influence not only money-making abilities, but personal and financial value. Matt Paradise [expands] the concept of wealth and what makes it valuable. His book explores and explains financial literacy and links financial to life objectives, making it accessible to group discussion and non-financial readers. Its foundation idea of how mindsets, values, and behavior affect financial decision-making and capability is explored in chapters that provide strategies for building both financial security and a rich life.


As Paradise discusses budgeting, money management systems, and common sources of stress, readers receive the opportunity to relate their financial health to the emotional factors that influence decisions and perceptions. Another rare feature of this financial guide is that it acknowledges that disparate interests and ideas of life and wealth affect personal financial planning and health. Financially Capable promotes flexibility alongside knowledge of how money, credit, and financial institutions work. This will, ideally, encourage dialogues and discoveries in book club and group settings where financial issues are of interest. Libraries should recommend Financially Capable to adult patrons [and] young adults.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"Financially Capable helps readers grapple with understanding why they make the decisions they do about money.”

—Tim Ranzetta, Co-founder of Next Gen Personal Finance

"Empathetic and relatable, Financially Capable speaks to the heart of issues faced by young people as they make their way in a complex, confusing, and often predatory financial world.”

—Dr. Sarah Newcomb, Director of Financial Psychology at Morningstar and author of Loaded

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